What does a “boring vegan” eat after a workout?

So we’ve joined CrossFit a few weeks ago, and ouch, are we blown away at how intense it is!

CrossFit was initially created as a comprehensive exercise program designed to enhance a vast array of bodily functions, such as cardiovascular endurance, agility, power, flexibility, and speed, to name a few. It is not only limited to the Greek gods and goddesses we see on commercials. Kids today are more and more involved in CrossFit as a supporting activity to increase their ability in other sports, as well as older athletes rely on it for injury prevention and overall longer and healthier life expectancy.

It’s practically impossible to start a new regimen and not feel compelled to making better eating choices, though, so we decided to add some super foods to our recovery meal.

So after spending an hour browsing through a dozen websites, we decided to just improvise and create yet another AWESOME post-workout smoothie:


Here’s what we had in hand:

Berries – about 1/3 C each – in this recipe we used strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

Oranges – 1 large, peeled

Arugula – 1 handful – or any other dark leafy green

Medjool Dates – 2 presoaked

Maca Powder (excellent adaptogen, helps with recovery) – 1 heaping tsp

Chia Seeds (great for stamina, high amino acid profile) – 1 Tbsp

Banana (protein – yes, nanas do have protein! – and carb replacement) – 1 very ripe

Walnuts (Omega fatty acids, antioxidants) – 1 Tbsp

Turmeric (top of the list anti-inflammatory) – dash (careful not to overdo with this guy, or your smoothie will taste like curry!

Cinnamon (blood pressure regulator) – dash

Vitamineral Green (green “food” for extra nutrients) – 1 tsp – optional

Almond Milk – ! Cup – homemade or store-bought – *Make sure you do your best to find it organic, there are some nasty GMO-filled nuts out there – Yuck!

Ugh – out of almond milk – nothing worse than that when one is starrrving. Glad we can make it at home in a pinch!

IMG_0218 IMG_0251 IMG_0253IMG_0260

Watch the magic happening…

Throw it all in the Vitaman, we mean, the Vitamix!

IMG_0269 Well, if you call this “boring”, then we can only say:  “no worries! More for us!” 😉


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