The quick ultimate avo toast

Two papers for two different classes, a Poli Sci debate I’m definitely not ready for – not much time for sleep or regular exercise.

Can’t let diet go down, so I’ve been going Fast-Food – at home I meant, easy! 😁


Sorry, a quarter of the sandwich was gone before I remembered to take the pic! 😬😬

Quick gluten-free toast (2) topped with a blend of:

– a half mashed avocado

– 1 tsp orange Muscat vinegar – a half of a medium tomato

– 6 Kalamata olives

– a handful of pea sprouts, chopped

– salt&pepper.

Spread some tahini on each toast, scoop half of avo mixture onto those babes – CHOW

Fast-Food has never been so fast – and delicious, and nutritious!


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