Had enough of today?

Got home exhausted from school, stuh-aarrving and upset since wallet and all documents were nowhere to be found. Imagine the embarrassment of having to explain to the cashier as they¬†had already started assembling the sandwich. Bratty wallet… you give it some cash and it decides to stay in and take it easy ūüė¶

When a bowl of quinoa, beans and winter veggies is all you need… And have time and money to prepare in a flash! ūüėČ


The veggies were almost screaming from the fridge – hello-oo! – so we had a good reason to just throw them all in a bowl and quickly marinate them with turmeric, coconut oil, salt, pepper. Simple and yummy.

The beans (2 cans) were pre-cooked Рwe know, no time for the whole soaking here these days! So we just sautéed a half of a medium onion, added some garlic powder and sea salt, and smoked paprika Рyes, we felt like some bacon-smelling beans tonight. Just about when it started boiling, we processed some of the beans with a handheld blender, just to add that creaminess factor Рand so that it cooked faster Рhehe!

On the side we quickly mixed a Tbsp of vegennaise Рwe PROMISE it actually tastes better than real mayo Рwith a dash of organic chipotle sauce and dried herbs Рit came out as a creamy, delicious chipotle dipping cream.

Before we realized, everything was ready at about the same time. That sandwich wasn’t all that amazing anyway… ūüėČ
P.S.: Prepare the quinoa according to the manufacturer’s directions, and make sure to only add the seasonings to the portion you actually consume today – this way you can use the plain-tasting leftover as a “quinoa-meal” – like oatmeal, but better! – tomorrow morning or for a salad or a quinoa falafel the next couple days ūüėČ


The accidental Hummelette

This is what we call a messy production. Our intention was to adapt a recipe for a garbanzo bean “omelette “.
We didn’t have garbanzo, so we blended some leftover white bean with almond milk and a touch of turmeric -“egg base”!

At first it looked delicious, but the consistency was faaaar from the good ole omelette, especially since we used too big a pan for the veggies to remain under the bean cover…

image   image
Result: a delicious white bean dip with grilled onions, mushrooms and asparagus, aka the HUMMELLETE!!

image¬†We know presentation is everything¬†– well, almost. In this case, the flavors combined¬†so well that we didn’t mind that the¬†final product was not true to the initial idea. And we learned that a fancy version of a¬†warm bean dip on toast wasn’t a bad idea for breakfast!