The quick ultimate avo toast

Two papers for two different classes, a Poli Sci debate I’m definitely not ready for – not much time for sleep or regular exercise.

Can’t let diet go down, so I’ve been going Fast-Food – at home I meant, easy! 😁


Sorry, a quarter of the sandwich was gone before I remembered to take the pic! 😬😬

Quick gluten-free toast (2) topped with a blend of:

– a half mashed avocado

– 1 tsp orange Muscat vinegar – a half of a medium tomato

– 6 Kalamata olives

– a handful of pea sprouts, chopped

– salt&pepper.

Spread some tahini on each toast, scoop half of avo mixture onto those babes – CHOW

Fast-Food has never been so fast – and delicious, and nutritious!


Good (late) morning!

Woke up twenty minutes before class – UGH! – rushed out of the house, drove like a maniac to the upper campus, only to be greeted by so-called Murphy’s law: no parking spaces!… :”(

Don’t you hate when that happens?

All I had left was to come back home and hope I wouldn’t get into much trouble with that professor… And have a little breakfast, why not? 😬


Simple, delicious bowl of berries, hemp, walnuts, gluten free granola, almond milk.

Left-over tofu scramble with onion, mushrooms, olives.



Have a great day, friends!

Had enough of today?

Got home exhausted from school, stuh-aarrving and upset since wallet and all documents were nowhere to be found. Imagine the embarrassment of having to explain to the cashier as they had already started assembling the sandwich. Bratty wallet… you give it some cash and it decides to stay in and take it easy 😩

When a bowl of quinoa, beans and winter veggies is all you need… And have time and money to prepare in a flash! 😉


The veggies were almost screaming from the fridge – hello-oo! – so we had a good reason to just throw them all in a bowl and quickly marinate them with turmeric, coconut oil, salt, pepper. Simple and yummy.

The beans (2 cans) were pre-cooked – we know, no time for the whole soaking here these days! So we just sautĂ©ed a half of a medium onion, added some garlic powder and sea salt, and smoked paprika – yes, we felt like some bacon-smelling beans tonight. Just about when it started boiling, we processed some of the beans with a handheld blender, just to add that creaminess factor – and so that it cooked faster – hehe!

On the side we quickly mixed a Tbsp of vegennaise – we PROMISE it actually tastes better than real mayo – with a dash of organic chipotle sauce and dried herbs – it came out as a creamy, delicious chipotle dipping cream.

Before we realized, everything was ready at about the same time. That sandwich wasn’t all that amazing anyway… 😉
P.S.: Prepare the quinoa according to the manufacturer’s directions, and make sure to only add the seasonings to the portion you actually consume today – this way you can use the plain-tasting leftover as a “quinoa-meal” – like oatmeal, but better! – tomorrow morning or for a salad or a quinoa falafel the next couple days 😉

Aaaaannd, it’s coming together!

So this is the first posting EVER – definitely excited about it!

We have always been pretty active and interested in healthy eating, eventually transitioning to a more plant-centric diet as we face a pretty busy lifestyle with a few marathons under our belts, a couple triathlons – another one in a couple weeks, yikes! – and school on top of it all.

Along with eating well and exercising, we’ve always felt compelled to share our experience with friends and family, be it always bringing a yummy dish to a party, posting a colorful picture of our newest macadamia brie on Facebook, or sharing our green smoothies at work with almost none left for ourselves in the end.

That slowly but surely indicated – via friend’s requests and personal observation – that we should initiate a more organized way for doing this – we had our first official “Functional Cuisine” cooking class last Sunday – whoohoo! – which was an absolute success, and we launched our website/blog, which you’re being presented with today.

Thanks so much for taking time for reading our first post and we look forward to increasing our audience via this venue, expanding on our own knowledge base – so we have more to share with you! – and staying healthy, active, and positive.

PlantAction is alive – and thriving.

Gigi and Dani.