The next generation snacking!


Hey everyone!

So we have been spending so much time testing – and tasting! – with new recipes that sometimes when it’s time to eat real food, staying in the kitchen is not necessarily what we crave… There’s not much energy left for preparing anything beside a quick snack.

Why not snacking with a purpose, though?…

This will be a quick post, just to share with you guys the results!

We had made a quick stovetop granola the other day (recipe coming soon, promise – still adjusting the sweetness) and found some beautiful ripe peaches at the farmers market this afternoon, so we made a fruit salad/granola bowl.

Check it out:


I know the resolution is not that great, still figuring this stuff out, sowy!!! It’s gonna be funny when hopefully one day we grow into this blogging thing and look back into these initial silly posts! :-/

Anyway, beside the fruit salad we each had a gluten-free avocado toast, topped with olive tapenade, pea sprouts, and coconut bacon – OMG we totally created this bacon by chance! When I toasted some coconut for the granola, Dani suggested that use the leftover to try to replicate the yummy coconut bacon they have at Café Gratitude…

We just added a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to about 1/4 cup of toasted coconut, and sprinkled pink salt and smoked paprika. We promise it tastes A LOT like our former BFF, which in this case actually means Bacon is your Fate to gaining Fat (hehe).


The salad with the toast were rich enough that the often crave for something sweet/salty/decadent in midafternoon simply didn’t have a chance to manifest.

Result: we had a delicious, gourmet and highly nutritious mini-meal in minutes, and guaranteed a few hours of guiltless energy!


We love you guys, and thanks for checking our blog!

Gigi and Dani.