Aaaaannd, it’s coming together!

So this is the first posting EVER – definitely excited about it!

We have always been pretty active and interested in healthy eating, eventually transitioning to a more plant-centric diet as we face a pretty busy lifestyle with a few marathons under our belts, a couple triathlons – another one in a couple weeks, yikes! – and school on top of it all.

Along with eating well and exercising, we’ve always felt compelled to share our experience with friends and family, be it always bringing a yummy dish to a party, posting a colorful picture of our newest macadamia brie on Facebook, or sharing our green smoothies at work with almost none left for ourselves in the end.

That slowly but surely indicated – via friend’s requests and personal observation – that we should initiate a more organized way for doing this – we had our first official “Functional Cuisine” cooking class last Sunday – whoohoo! – which was an absolute success, and we launched our website/blog, which you’re being presented with today.

Thanks so much for taking time for reading our first post and we look forward to increasing our audience via this venue, expanding on our own knowledge base – so we have more to share with you! – and staying healthy, active, and positive.

PlantAction is alive – and thriving.

Gigi and Dani.