The accidental Hummelette

This is what we call a messy production. Our intention was to adapt a recipe for a garbanzo bean “omelette “.
We didn’t have garbanzo, so we blended some leftover white bean with almond milk and a touch of turmeric -“egg base”!

At first it looked delicious, but the consistency was faaaar from the good ole omelette, especially since we used too big a pan for the veggies to remain under the bean cover…

image   image
Result: a delicious white bean dip with grilled onions, mushrooms and asparagus, aka the HUMMELLETE!!

image We know presentation is everything – well, almost. In this case, the flavors combined so well that we didn’t mind that the final product was not true to the initial idea. And we learned that a fancy version of a warm bean dip on toast wasn’t a bad idea for breakfast!